10 secrets about magicians

Magic is something that has fascinated humankind since time immemorial. From the entertainment of the kings of the day to the illusionists of today, magic is something that is usually enchanted in mysterious ways. But how do they know?

Well, here are 10 of the most amazing magic tricks revealed:

  1. Worship
    You might think that Chris Angel made quite a sensation with his lifting techniques. He was a master magician who made the audience a few feet away from the audience, leaving the audience undisturbed in how he did it.
  2. Walking on the water
    It was again popularized by Chris Angel, who even put his showdown and showed that there was nothing but water under him.
  3. Cards through the window
    How many of you think David Blaine is pushing a card through a window? I always wondered how he did it until I explained his modus operandi without doing his article.
  4. Guillotine
    Ever seen a person being ensnared by guillotine, yet fleeing in disguise? This is a smart trick employed by magicians to entertain the audience.
  5. Horizontal lift
    Have you ever seen women being suspended in the middle air without support? Have you ever wondered the science behind it?
  6. Man. The woman cuts half with a saw
    The most common strategy in the book. A woman is kept inside a box, only to have her legs and head come out at both ends. Cut into a chainsaw box, cut the woman in half, her legs and head still moving! Ever wonder how they do it?
  7. Convert to Coffee Money
    It was one of David Blaine’s famous magic tricks that he turned a homeless man’s cup of coffee into a full cup of coffee.
  8. Zig-zag girl
    In this strategy, a woman steps into the cabinet and then the middle part of the cabinet is pushed out of alignment.
    Currency strategy abolished
  9. This is one of the most common tactics you see on the show and even on the street, the magician closes it with a coin in his fist. He then opened the palm and the coin was gone.
  10. Walking without breaking the glass
    We end this list with another mysterious joke about Chris Angel not walking on the glass.